Monday, 2 June 2008

Chemo 3 over

I'm home feeling vile having had chemo number 3.  It's Monday, I had my chemo on Friday. Friday and Saturday were fine but yesterday and today I feel like pooh and am having a very hard time remembering this is good for me.  I did find out some very interesting fact about chemo. Did you know that chemo is made up of mustard gas?  Yes its true!  Apparently mustard gas kills off everything that grows fast in your body such as hair and cancer.  Hence the reason I'm bald.  Still does not explain why the hairs on my legs are still growing very vigourously!  It also makes me feel assured that if I ever find my self in the trenches being exposed to mustard gas I'll probably have a bit of a resistance to the poison.  Luck me!

Since my chemo I've spent and idyllic weekend with my family.  Lovely Mother came with me and then took me to our family home where most of my siblings were with my niece and nephew.  My son came with his wonderful girlfriend and naughty daughter managed to fit in a few hours between her busy social life.  On Saturday we had an idyllic lunch on the lawn with my dad's best man and his wonderful family consisting of his wife, four beautiful daughters and wonderful children. For some unexplained reason most of this family have has some type of cancer in their life and all are looking wonderful.  One of the daughters had overran cancer  and now has three beautiful children.  The youngest being called Rosie who was 8 weeks old and lovely with the best hair I've ever seen on a baby.  Made me feel very broody.

We drank loads of Rose wine and laughed loads.  At one point I walked down to the river and looked back at the party.  It looked like the kind of party you'd love to be at and I felt so happy to be part of this amazingly kind group of people.  The love and kindness I get from my family is overwhelming I'm so aware of the worry they are going through with my illness and would do anything to take it away from them.  I'm also thinking my daughters absence and busy social life is her way of coping with my illness. In which case I wish here good luck and strength.  She is a lovely kind girl who I know is dealing with this the only way she feels she can.

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