Monday, 9 June 2008

When it rains it pours!

I separated from my husband over 10 years ago but we never got divorced.  The main reason for this was that I was worried about the affect the divorce would have on my children.  My ex is a vindictive person who loves a fight and I did not want young children to go through the trauma of witnessing their parents at loggerhead.

Last year the ex approached me for a divorce as he wants to marry again.  With a huge sigh of relief I gladly agreed and found myself a lovely solicitor.  Needless to say things did not go smoothly and he was a monster.  Although he thinks I'm mad and is very happy to share this opinion with my children!  What a shit.

After about 9 harrowing months and vast amounts of money spent on solicitors it was settled and I received a small settlement.  Phew.

I happened to bump into lovely solicitor on the tube a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that evil ex has now gone bankrupt.  She was sweet and said she never gets personally involved in a case but she could not help but be so in mine as both her and my barrister though he was appalling to me and she was now concerned about the bankruptcy.  Anyway she rang me today to say she had been doing a bit of research (for free) and was now extremely concerned as if the bankruptcy was presented before the date that I received my settlement I'd have to give the money back!  

This is shattering news!  I'm not working as often as I would like at the moment and because I'm self employed I only get paid when I work.  Evil ex was also supposed to raise my monthly payment which needless to say he has not and I don't stand much chance of receiving this for a long time.  

I'm now faced with the horrifying prospect of having to part with the only safety net I  have to carry me through this trying and bleak time.  My ex has no reason to be bankrupt.  He has a amazing job where his annual income is over £250k.  This is his second bankruptcy and the reason for it is that he spends money like its going out of fashion without bothering to pay any bills or taxes.  I just feel its so bloody unfair!  I work hard and budget well.  Why should I now suffer for his extravagant selfish behaviour?

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