Monday, 2 June 2008

Jamie Mac

Is one of the most amazing men.  He's good looking sexy and incredibly funny.  He makes me laugh till I cry.  We've been friends since 1986 and in that time have had some of the most naughty adventures.   Anyway the lovely Jamie took me out on a date last Wednesday.  He came to the office to collect me and take me to the opening of the new exhibition at the Hayward gallery. 

Naughty Jamie has a tattoo!  Well actually he has lost of tattoo's but one is of a particularly interesting subject!!  It's a very graphic depiction of a very intimate part of the lady's anatomy!  It's on his arm and quivers in an alarming fashion when he flexes his muscles!  I love making him show it to people and needless to say he impressed all the boys in the office with it.  I must add here that the boys are no strangers to tattoos themselves but were still extremely impressed with his.  

We went to the 12 Bar for a starter drink.  12 Bar is owned by my boss and is where all the staff and management meet for afterwork drinks.  Its a great bar and I always have a lovely time there.  Jamie met my lovely boss and his sister Sylvia.  Sylvia has been on the whole cancer journey herself and is a great support to me.  We had a few drinks and headed on to the Hayward.  I forgot how lovely the Southbank is.  It was a lovely balmy evening and there were loads of people around.  The exhibition was wonderful and I strongly recommend it to everyone.  After we wandered down to the river with a drink.  Where we had a great time chatting to the street kids that hang around there.  We like to think they thought we were cool!! Sad old people we are!

Now slightly pissed and very very happy we wandered back to the 12 Bar to see how everyone was.  Jamie flashed his tattoo again.  I felt so proud of him.  He then took me for pizza in Soho. Where he convinced me I looked beautiful with my bald head and made me eat my dinner without my scarf.  It felt great and I'm so grateful for his kindness and love.  

After dinner Jamie poured me into a taxi where I suddenly realised on the way home I was so drunk I could not remember the pin number of my card!  Drunk mummy had to return home to the extreme embarrassment of daughters boyfriend having to pay for my cab and help me to bed!  So inelegant.  But totally worth it.

Physically did not feel 100% the next morning but mentally I felt fantastic.  Jamie please please can we go out again soon.  I love you forever.


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