Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A Reply from my lovely Jamie. xx

think you may have given me a tad too much ..,.attention...i think you forgot to mention all the funny things that u did ..LOL>> That i still laugh about ...speak to that freak about the lanternt house ..LOL>> and his weird reaction ..!!! ask what rachel is doing with your faveourite dolls house after the show ..and can you have it ...tell ing me  that you have been trying to buy a dolls house on e bay for 2 years and some woman has been out bidding you ..LOL>. it is true it was rachel..and she is very GREEDY>>> making me line up to go for the boat in the swimming pool experience ... like you were 5 all over again ..LOL>>> saying please please Jamie ..its all i will ever ask from you ... Just this once ..a ride on the boat /...LIke we were at DISNEY ..which we were ..LOL>> I would have loved it too ..but not with 50 people waiting for 3 boats ..LOL...telling me you wish you brought a hair pin to burst that ..inflatable hexagonal ..ballon thing ... LOL>> telling the rent boy ..that u would like to see the whole world graffittied my disgust ..OH DARLING u really are the STAR>>U MAKE ME LAUGH so much ..and we will never be MEDIOCRE people thanx jesus ...

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