Saturday, 28 June 2008

Back Again!

After leaving the last blog I got thinking about who reads this!  

I have no idea as no one ever leaves messages.  Not that I blame you as I never do either.  I do know there are lots of you.  Mostly people who know me, and that is the whole reason for me doing this.  I want to be able to let you all know what's going on without you having to feel uncomfortable about asking me.  Also I really enjoy the feeling of sending my thoughts out without knowing what's going to happen to them or who's going to read them.  Be honest when you kept a diary as a teenager it was always in hope that you'd die a dramatic, glamorous, young death probably of consumption and after your death your diary would be a world best seller, with your parents feeling so sorry that they never understood you! 

While I was cleaning the kitchen I realised what a huge responsibility this is!  I'm always aware of upsetting people which is why I don't relay the arguments me and naughty daughter have.  At this point might have to mention that at 2.30am last night, after naughty daughter had left her keys at home and woken me up to get in she spectacularly told me she had never liked me! 
This was screamed at high volume just incase they were not aware of it in Hong Kong.  It made me giggle all night and just confirmed how much I love her.

But I diverse.  There are so many silly little situations I'd love to write down.  Things that have upset me, insensitive things people have said (without meaning it) but know I can't just incase they see it and realise it's them.  I'm the best ever at putting my foot in it and am always very forgiving.  Although I do wonder If I'm being totally honest if I don't catalogue these situations.

I'm going relay just one of these stories so I feel better:

I got a call from a very intelligent and kind man that I have a huge amount of respect for.  He had heard I was not well and obviously felt it was his duty to offer his support.  Once he got me on the phone he sounded uncomfortable and obviously did not know what to say!  I tried to make things better for him by joking and sounding off hand.  When I mentioned that I'd lost my hair he then went on to ask if I still had hair between my legs!  I uncomfortably replied that I had very little which made me feel immensely vulnerable.  He then went on to say how lucky I was!  And what a catch I would be!  This is a prime example of what NOT to say to a woman when she's going through chemotherapy.  

Actually if the person in question does read this then remember; not a good thing to say in future!  I know you didn't mean it and do forgive you but am sure as hell not going to call on you when I need support!!!!

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