Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I survived!

The vein they usually use was very bruised so they had to go into another.  It was horrendous and took 3 attempts.  As Mrs T will take great delight in telling you I'm not very good at injections so 3 times meant a few tears.  My arm very interesting looking now with the most fantastic colours.  Sham I missed the Summer Exhibition as I think it would have been a star attraction.

I then ran home to the country to be safe with family.  It was beautiful there and I slept loads and ate loads.  Also went for a bit of physiotherapy on my bruised arm and think the original vein will be up for use next time.  At home I've moved myself into the best bedroom in the house we call it Grandma's room as it's where she lived during the war.  She also used to stay there when she came down before she died.  Sometimes it still smells of her.  It's wonderful room  with a four poster bed and lovely view of the garden.  My excuse it that I can watch TV in bed but really its that the room is so lovely.  I played queen and had visitors.  My darling Brother and his lovely wife came down with their enchanting children and all made a huge fuss of me (The Queen).

Beautiful and very pregnant sister and here kind and lovely husband came down to baby sit me on Saturday night (parents went to a dance and did not want to leave me alone)  and we rummaged in the attic and looked out all my old baby clothes.  My children were born in the 80's and I'm afraid to say I was a total fashion victim.  I'm the proud owner of a fabulous collection of horrendous 80's baby clothes in the most extraordinary colours and styles.  I think they will come back one day but pregnant sister decide they were not for her!  We did manage to find some lovely bits in a more classic style!  I think she'll drop very soon.  Poor darling has horridly swollen ankles at the moment.  I got very bossy and made her sit with them propped up on the dining table with loads of cushions under them.  She sweetly obliged but did not look happy.

I'm home now and off work all week.  I'm very excited because Mad Marlborough Mary is coming to stay and look after me tomorrow night.  She used to work for me in a company who's name we don't mention because my other two partners in the company totally destroyed me about 5 years ago.  They know who they are and I hope they feel shame.  One day I will write the whole story down but not just now as it's still very raw.  Anyway in happier times Mary and I worked together.  She was amazing.  You never had to ask her to do anything.  She had this incredible ability to think before you.  At quit times in the office and in dull meetings we'd played 'Patsy and Bubbles together'.  She was brilliant at the post-it note trick.  She was always a cheerful and a happy present in an, at times very fraught and tense office.  She now lives in Devon where she's happily married so her coming to see me is the kindest and most exciting thing.  I'm going to invite some friends over.  They'll have to cook as I don't think I have the energy but I'm sure we'll muddle through and have a lot of fun.

I only have two more chemo's to go.  Phew.


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