Thursday, 23 October 2008

Wey hey!!!

I know I've not been in touch for a while but there is a very good reason!

Before you read on you have every right to call me a 'CUNT', 'UNGRATEFUL BITCH', or any other nasty name that I probably deserve, given the financial climate at the moment.

I've spent days wondering how to word this story. I'm still wondering how to word the next sentence! Right I'm just going to go for it!!!!

About 15 years ago I set up a clothing company with two (then) friends. About 5 years ago it all went very wrong. I walked away very very sad and decided to put the whole incident behind me. I have to say not very well, which is one of the reasons I think I got cancer.

Anyway while I was in Spain this August I got a call from my accountant telling me someone was interested in buying this company. I still owned shares in it. This was a time when I was feeling awful and to be honest did not take that much notice.

So to cut a long story short the sale went through! I've received more money than most people get in a lifetime of work!!

I'm not only well again but also very very rich................



Guess what I can take it! Just don't send begging letters. Feel free to hate me.

I'm back at work and am not sure if I'm going to go on with this blog as I'm very busy. No! Not spending my money!!! Just arranging the Christmas events!! Also sadly my lovely club is going to be demolished next year to make way for tube redevelopment. I'm not worried about employment as I know my boss will keep me on and I've also been offered a job by my favorite promoters.

Lovely Big Boss and I were chatting and he said to me:

"This has been an incredibly lucky year for you"

I thought about it and realised he was right. I've successfully come through cancer (hopefully, will know in November) and got shed loads of money! What he forgot to mention is the fact that this year (starting in October of last year) I've met some of the most wonderful people ever in the guise of him and his wonderful staff/family.

I'm truly lucky to be working in with such lovely people.

Oh god please don't think I'm trying to sound nice so you'll like me again!

think I should go as I can't stand the pressure.


Monday, 13 October 2008


I've just been in Spain for a week with two of my favourite girls.  Mrs T (famous for here advice on how to cope with cancer) and Mrs M.  My family house in Spain is amazing (although I say so myself).  The girls are fantastically spoilt (especially Mrs T) but even they were very impressed with their accommodation. Every room has a bathroom en-suit and the rooms are fantastically comfortable,with down pillows, linen sheets and soft wool blankets.  

My darling Mother loves hotels and has an obsession with the bathroom bits so is always collecting them and tipping the maids to gets extra.  These all go to Spain to decorate the bathrooms.  Each room has a different hotel theme.  I was the latest hotel they stayed in, in Saville.  Th parents went there for their wedding anniversary last month (they are still ridiculously romantic).

We had the whole house to ourselves which is a first for me.  I was very tired after the Radiotherapy and was so thrilled that they were happy just lounging around the house, which is all I wanted to do.  The week went so fast and looking back we hardly left the house.  We went to the supermarket, two restaurants and one walk!  Apart from that we just lounged.  We all took projects, me book club book and a carding I'm making for new niece (with more hair than me), Mrs M a drawing project and Mrs T lots of classic books.  Guess what we did none of them.  To be honest I have no idea what we did do!  All I know is that the time went very fast.  Mrs M did teach me the most horrifically addictive card game.  Don't remember the name but I happily played it till the early hours.

My treatment is now all over.  I go back to the hospital on the 21st November to see how well it all went.  I don't think they give the all clear with breast cancer they just keep checking you for a while and the checks get fewer and further apart until they feel you are OK.  Which I think is a good sign.  I've got a very butch hair style and am longing for it to grow longer.  As my darling nephew said "Lou you look like a man in a dress"!!!

I've had some very exciting news financially.  I had some shares in what I thought was a dead company but it appears not.  In this awful time of impending depression I've managed to sell them very very well, which is unbelievable.  Sadly most of the money has already gone but at least I'm not facing the future with any financial worries.

So am back to work tomorrow and this time its hopefully forever with no long breaks.