Thursday, 12 June 2008


Evil Ex's bankruptcy was only 3 weeks ago so I'm safe. Phew!  

Polly is off to Ibiza next week for the summer season.  She is part of the Manumission gang and will be on stage with them every Friday.  I'm going to miss her so much.  She's so funny and I love our Wednesday night's.  She comes to stay with me every Wednesday and we drink white wine and put the world to rights.  Last time she came over it was just me and her (not teenagers) we were sitting in the kitchen having our dinner.  Two dotty bald ladies. During dinner there was a knock on the door, it was two men from John Lewis with a lovely garden table and four chairs. I totally forgot we were both bald and could not understand why they were looking so uncomfortable and trying to get out of the house as fast a possible.  While they were in the house they kept their eyes glued to the floor!  They must have thought they had stumbled on some strange religious cult or two mad lesbians!  Whatever it was very very funny.

I also love being with Polly because having no hair feels so normal when your friend actually shaves her head as part of here look.  She really is my best friend.  She is so kind.  She made me promise that if I needed here at anytime while she's away all I have to do is call and she'll be on the first flight home.  She's actually going to spend all of August here with me doing the final chemo and the radiation treatment.  So don't expect to see her in Ibiza then.  I should also thank the Manumission crowd for letting here be here with me.  I know how irritating it is for them not to have one of their main performers away for the busiest part of the season.

So thank you very much Polly and Manumission.


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