Friday, 16 May 2008

My Friends

Linus is a craggy faced ginger haired gay man with the most evil and dry sense of humour.  We've been friends for many years, he now lives in Brighton and I'm far to lazy to go and visit him so our friendship now exists of phone calls, filthy test jokes and the odd message on Facebook.  I have hundreds of fun memories of times spent with him.  Most of these memories have a key theme running through them.  Our shared love of trash weekly magazines such as 'Take a Break' and 'Chat'.

Yesterday he did the kindest thing ever. 

I'm so excited I can't wait.  

The evil bastard had bought me a years subscription to two of these magazines.  I'm sure I'll be delighting you all with handy hints,  brain-wave road-shows, and stories of drunken wedding disasters.  Not only is this the most wonderful and brilliantly original present but its also an incredibly tender gift as it brings back all he happy times we've spent together, the wonderful Greek holiday, the surfing holiday in Cornwall and the drunken nights seeing in the dawn and helplessly laughing at the most stupid but at the time brilliant things.  We've even discussed producing our own weekly trashy magazine called 'To Too Fabulous'.  I'd be full of amazing handy hints like how to apply lipstick without a mirror by mouthing the work Wendy when applying!!

My darling Linus than you for being you and thank you for being my friend.


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