Thursday, 15 May 2008


This is me!  I'm in my 40's and have breast cancer! 

Below is how is used to look!!!

In my old life I was a happy successful party girl who had the most amazing job in the world of night clubs.  I'm lucky enough to be loved by my employer and have all the support from them.  Once I'm well I'll be back so look out!!!!

I decided to create this blog having chatted to my best friend who also had breast cancer 4 years age and we decided that is was time to let you all know that cancer does have its funny side!  

I also want to make people aware that cancer is not an old persons illness.  I know of 5 people that have had breast cancer and only on of them is over 50!  I thin it's about time the state realised that we should start screening women long before they are 50!  When I first went to the doctor she dismissed me as being too young.  by the time I went back my tumour was 3 cm! I still wonder if I'd been diagnosed before would I be bald now!

I'm going to keep a diary of my adventures during my cancer journey.  I have a huge sense of humour and hope you'll all enjoy my experiences.  I want you all to laugh with me and enjoy this little adventure I'm going on.




Dill said...

Go Girl! Have you been watching the current series of Desperate Housewives? I loved Gabby's advice to Lynette on the fabulous wigs. Have you tried working a Helga the sexy milkmaid look yet? Big hugs, Dill xx

Pulling the Cancer Card said...

Dill darling,

I have been watching Desperate Housewives. I love it.

Wigs are another issue I'll be writing about it soon. I do have a wig but we have a very dodgy relationship!