Sunday, 18 May 2008

I made Polly Cry!

My beautiful friend Polly visited my blog and rang me to say that it made her cry.  It was not what I'd written but how I looked in my cancer picture.  She says I look so much prettier in real life and she hate the fact that I've put such a bad picture of me up!

I've promised that we are going to put a new picture up together.  The only problem is that Polly is the most beautiful bald lady you've ever seen.  She's a model that has made here career out of the fact that she is bald and very very beautiful.  I'm very aware of the fact that I now look someone who is trying to do a sad imitation of her best friend! Do your remember the beautiful girl as school that had the sad ugly best friend who totally copied here style and only made the beautiful girl look even better?  Well I feel like the the ugly girl next to Polly.

Please believe Polly would be furious if she thought she made me feel like that but she's so totally beautiful and elegant that I simply have no choice to adopt that role.

Signing off the ugly fat friend.


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