Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mrs T handy hints

My best friend Mrs T has very kindly sent me over some handy hints!!!!

Dear Mrs B,

The following are a few random tips for making the most of breast cancer - I hope they prove helpful.

Responding to the initial diagnosis: my personal feeling is that you cannot be too dramatic.  Brave and dignified is all very well but is it interesting?  If you do find yourself asking sensible and practical medical questions I would advise you to maybe adopt a foreign accent for extra pathos - Russian is good as it is full of mystery and intensity.  It is important to bear in mind that the medical staff are going to be looking after you through the treatment so try and be as memorable as possible (loosing your medical notes is a real hazard in NHS).  I did quite a lot of  rocking backwards and forwards, humming with my fingers in my ears - this went down really well and I was not forgotten throughout my treatment.

Tried and tested party tricks with cancer props:

My favourite party turn was sticking my prosethic nipple on my forehead.  Unfortunately not many people shared m enthusiasm for this trick and have since needed my advice would be tread carefully with this potentially hilarious prop.

My second favourite trick was playing frisbee with my false breast.  Again, make sure the recipient knows you are throwing it to them as they are quite heavy and difficult to catch.

Third party trick is of course.....the wig.  There really is just so much endless fun to ve had with wearing a wig that I could just go on and on.  ......suffice to say it is an absolute necessity at parties and much more fun than a turban.

I hope the above proves useful.

Mrs T


The wig is a huge issue with me which I'm going to go into in the future!  All I can say for now is that at the moment me and my wig are have relationship problems!!



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