Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Was about to write about my holiday but then I read Mary's comments!  I love, Love, LOVE you Mary.

Anyway back to holiday:

Being here is very strange.  This place is enormously glamorous so being white, bald and bloated is not really the look.  So much so I'm the recipient of some very unpleasant attention. They have no shame and stare without fear.  If I try and stare back it makes no difference they just keep the look with an extra pinch of disgust thrown in.  I've learnt to keep my eyes on the ground so as not to get upset by the whole situation.

This weekend on of my most special people came out to stay.  His name is Dominico and I totally love him.  He's probably the closet thing my children have to a step father as he's always been there for them and me.  We've been best friends for far too long and I have no idea how I'd cope without him.  Dominico is gay and without a doubt one of the best looking men on this planet.  Believe me I'm not alone on this one.  He leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him.  Not only is he beautiful, he's glamorous, witty and intelligent with a body that would melt even the hardest hart. 

I collected him from the airport and we went strait off to do one of our special things... Supermarket shopping.  We love doing this together and can often be found down the isles of Sainsbury on a Saturday night.  We know really sad; when the rest of London is out having fun we are blissfully happy buying groceries.  He's an amazing cook.  Well its like everything is his life perfect!  Anyway I digress.  We are in the supermarket getting very excited about the amazing food on offer and filling a trolly when suddenly he starts to shriek with laughter!  Yes I'd received a particularly nasty stare.  I can't begin to tell you how lovely it was to have someone normalise this strange situation.  It made me, at last realise they are the sad people not me.  I should not give a fuck about what they think as its really rather funny.  

Later that evening my sister-in-law has two friends and their children over, one is the ex wife of a famous sports personality and the other is the daughter of a famous TV personality.  Both were thrilled with Dominico (also immensely impressed with his body and tan) and we has a very happy two days.  The four of us getting drunk and slightly stoned together.  I felt normal and no longer a freak.  So much so that when I drove Dominico back to the airport I forgot to wear a scarf and was bald  without a care in the world.  

Apart from the horrid stares the holiday has been heaven and I'm sure I'll have loads more stories to write about it soon.  Right now I'm off to bed as I have to do loads of packing tomorrow.

Dominico darling thank you so much for making me so happy.


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