Wednesday, 13 August 2008


The last chemo is all over and I'm back to my old self!  Well until Radiotherapy starts in September.

I've had the most amazing adventures but due to people who read this blog I can't tell the whole story.  There have been some hysterical moments and some incredibly frustrating and irritating times. 

Funny moments such as two bald ladies shivering with fear while hiding in a Shorditch pub's beer garden with two huge suitcases (helping a friend leave psychotic boyfriend).

Having to steal my own car!  I kid you not!  Again a long story that I can't really tell.

Hoping I was kissed by the most beautiful man.  As Polly said "Thank god darling, someone pretty at long last".  Believe me their  have been some shockers!   I'm not totally sure if we did kiss as lovely boss had bought me too many cocktails.   Frankly can't see why pretty boy would want to kiss bloated, bald, middle aged woman but I'm living in hope!  Or am I?  If I was kissed I can't remember so might as well have not been!   Anyway he was divine.  Half native American and very rock and roll.  I'm jut going to pretend I was kissed.

Being told off by a grown adult because I'd thrown Mr Bongabonga in the bin!!  I kid you not! To be honest I have not idea who or what Mr bongabonga is and I have no recollection of throwing him/it in the bin.  Also being told of by neighbours because an unwanted guest turned up in middle of night on extremely noisy motorbike, then proceeded to make a huge fuss outside the house before driving off on extremely noisy motorbike.

I'm off to Somerset this weekend to stay with the infamous Mrs T  Hopefully she'll give me some more really useful tips on how to cope with cancer!  If so I'll be sure to pass them on to you dear reader.  for now I'll say good bye and enjoy the lovely English Summer!

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