Saturday, 19 July 2008


I never thought I'd have a problem writhing this blog!   But I've found I do right now!  There is no reason for this in the world as I have so much to say, although formulating it is so hard!  I have no idea where to begin.  I've decide to summarise it in a point formula.

Point 1
I'm so so sorry about the very weak last blog!  Chemo does funny things to me.

Point 2
Totally forgot to write about Mary's visit!  So here goes! (Doing this especially for Mary who I know is reading my blog) 

I was so excited about Mary's visit and when she arrived I was pathetic!  I took one look at her and burst into tears!!!  Great welcome!  Sad sobbing, bald person at the door.  She arrive with flowers and an enormous amount of happiness for me.  I was totally overcome.  Remember this was three days after chemo so was not that strong.  Also remember I had not seen her for years. Was supposed to have had a sleep before her arrival but like a small child was too excited!  Then we had to have a celebration drink, which is not a good idea so soon after chemo.  By this time I felt invincible (lack of sleep , too much excitement and overwhelming happiness) So started on Vodka, followed by Pinot Blush (my favourite wine).  Naughty and wonderful Jamie arrived as well as the magical Ian, and the party was if full swing.  Well ish!  Like and over excited child I got emotional and had to take myself to bed at 8.30!  Such  a shame!  So badly hated myself!  Why do I do this?  I missed all the fun!  Nest morning Mary went off with her sister for a spa day while I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself.  That night lovely Eric came over for dinner.  it was hysterical.  We laughed about the two enemies in my live who will remain nameless.  (One day I will totally tell the whole story).  And I was very well behaved.  I went to bed at the kind of time a person with cancer should and left the two of them having a private disco.

In the morning I found Eric asleep on my floor and Mary looking very wobbly!  She'd promised to go to the doctor with me!  I was just going to make sure I was getting all the freebies I can and also to check out my Hothead situation (menopause).  We got to the doctors with Mary clutching a diet coke, which she promptly spilt all over the waiting room chairs! You can't take the girl anywhere!  Once we left the doctor she decided she needed a hair of the dog drink!  This is half ten in the morning!  Anyway being a good hostess I reluctantly obliged! By 12.00 I was beyond repair! I'd had four LARGE glasses of wine on and empty stomach!  There are several funny stories about this short period but I feel they are best kept between me and Mary!  If she feels they need to be aired then its up to her to contribute!  I reluctantly said a sad good bye to her as she found her way to Hampton Court for the wedding she'd come to London to attend.

Point 3
I'm now in Spain.  This is where things get hard!  I need to describe my lovely home and holiday but every time I try I just think I sound like the most spoilt bitch.  I think you must realise by now I'm a fairly privileged individual.  And this is where I'm going to end for now because I have no idea how to write about my holiday.  I think I'll sleep on it and try again tomorrow.  Suffice to say I'm in the place I'm happiest.


mary in devon said...

Ha Ha Ha!! And it all seems like only yesterday. I must come and visit you again soon for a weekend. Will have to be booze free for me as i'm giving it up. I mean it. I'm going to allan carr's stop smoking clinic on wednesday. Am really excited and also scared. Have noticed when people have stopped smoking they always cave in when their drinking so giving the 2 up. This will be a challenge. Glad your in Spain and happy. Make sure you keep that head slathered in sun block. Hope you've got some good books to read. Or maybe handfuls of take a break. Have a lovely relaxing time. Sending much love and hugs from cloudy, rainy devon xxx

mary in devon said...

just realised you have weird hands growing out of you on your before photo. 1 on your shoulder and another random 1 near your usual hands. clever!!