Monday, 8 September 2008


Silly depression has gone.  actually I'm feeling happier than I have for ages.  I've started my radiotherapy and its so so easy after chemo.  Although I've discovered the love of sleep.  I'm sleeping loads and loving it, also having the most amazing dreams.

Between sleeping I've been very busy.  I'm going to be photographed by Gozra tomorrow.  Gozra is the most amazing photographer, he's been in Vogue, and more.  Google him!  Anyway its for a book on beauty and I'm going to be in it!!!  I'l post the picture after.

Also I've managed another kiss with beautiful boy!  We went for a drink last week and I so remember the kiss this time!  It was so so lovely.  He is very cool and I know we will be great friends.  Sadly one of the throwbacks from chemo is the total lack of desire so I'm not in the leas bit interested in taking things further at the moment.  Although I'm probably flattering myself if I think he would!

Sad news is the fact that my lovely club is being closed down in January so I'll be out of a job.  Although I've been offered 4 jobs and one of them is amazing.  I'll let you know when I have conformation that It's all on!!  I'm not going to say anything now as I might jinx it!!

So all is very well at the moment for me.



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