Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Oh my God!

I'm so so happy!  I don't think I have ever felt as happy as I am now!

I've hooked up with an old gang of friends.  They all know me so well that life is so easy.   They totally accept my bald state and are brilliant.  Tonight I've been to my beloved Jamie's exhibition at 'Trash Palace.  It was so much fun, I was so happy to see so many old faces from my past.

I'm through with Chemo and Radiotherapy is just a walk in the park compared.

I've been offered the most amazing job.

I've just had the most amazing news re finances.  

I'm killing the cancer beast!!!!

I'm going to Spain with my 2 best friends in the beginning of October.  Can't wait!

I love my children! (this should be reason 1)

And I can go on and on and on!!!  Basically life is wonderful.



Tonia said...

Dear Lou, what a fantastic blog!! It gives an amazing insight into your life and battle with cancer, and is so fantasticly written, it is very clever and should definately write a book!! It has been so great being able to read about how you are and what you have been going through......I am so so pleased that you have so many wonderful friends that are looking out for you and giving you so much love and support, we feel so helpless beng over here, and I know John finds it horrible not being able to go and give his big sister a big hug! It is absolutely brillant knowing that you are feeling better and that the awful chemo is over, my grandmother has just gone through the same thing and the poor love is so frail and has age against her, but is amazingly strong and is looking like she may have beat it! : )
I can't believe how great you look bald,....honestly you look amazing!! I think you look like a funky punk rocker he he : ) You can thank ya folks for the brillantly beautiful bone structure! OMG, I can't believe how much our Rosie looks lke your Dad....seriously sometimes she does this little face and I just can't believe it, it is her grandpa Anthony is to a tee! (I so wish I could have met him)!
Wonderful news about the new job, are you able to divulge more??!
Also wonderful, wonderful news about your travel plans we are so excited, John is over the moon and Rosie can't wait to meet her aunty Lou!! I forgot to thank you for her gorgeous dress you sent with the lovely roses on it, it is so cute, I am really looking forward to the summer so i can dress her up in lots of pretty dresses (only for her to go and drag herself in them all through the grass ha ha)hopefully by then she will be walking, and at this rate I am sure she will be by her birthday aaagh!!!!!!
Lou, thanks for your message and we look foward to keeping up with your adventures, and can't wait to hear more about your travel plans : ) : ) Plus lovely sounding American Indian boy ; )
(South Africa sounds lke a great idea, I feel like I need a trip there after 10 months of breast feeding)!
All the best with the remaining treatment, we will be sending you lots of love

Big hugs and kisses

Tonia & Rosie xoxoxo

Pulling the Cancer Card said...


Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Can't wait to see you all.