Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Sleep, Sleep and more sleep!!

I'm exhausted!  My day goes like this:

10.00 am Try and get up!  Usually takes about an hour.
11.00 am Walk dogs.
12.00 noon Rush of to hospital for radiotherapy.  Popping in on beautiful sister and Lotty the  the adorable baby with more hair than me!
2.00 pm Home, lunch, bed.
7.00 pm Get up, eat supper.  Sit on sofa like lump of lifeless lard.
9.00 pm Go to bed!

Its fashion week and all my facebook friends are going to all the wonderful shows and parties. They then ring me to tell me what fun they are having.  Also lovely Eric actually managed to send me a couple of photos showing what fun he's having!  Thanks darling.  Just received another party invite! I'm consoling myself with dreams of when its all over.

This sleeping thing has only just started.  I did have the most amazing weekend.  Ian (who makes beautiful handmade corsets)  had a birthday party on Saturday.  I took naughty daughter as she did an apprenticeship with him and loves him.  I also took lovely boy I've been kissing.  I was driving as the party was miles away in north London.  On the way we picked up my old school friend Katie.  When we get there it was brilliant.  My lovely Mary was there from Devon, looking wonderful as well as loads of old friends.  Half way through the party Katie turned to me and asked:
 "was there not someone coming who you have been kissing?".  
"Darling" I said "he's the one who was in the car with us"
"Oh" she said"I thought he was Rosie's (naughty daughter's) boyfriend".
Well what could I say!!!  anyway the outcome is that I'm going to take things no further with beautiful boy.  He is very sweet but I think we are going to stop kissing and just be friends from now on.  Don't think he was very impressed with being thought of as boyfriend of naughty daughter either.  Especially as she was being totally vile to him!

Sunday was The club's Christmas party (we have to do it now as we are so busy at Christmas).  The theme was Beach Party.  Before that I cooked a Sunday roast for my elegant sister-in-law and my beautiful but very naughty niece and nephew.  Beautiful boy was also there and again sister-in-law thought he was a friend of the kids!! When I'm well and have my figure back I'm going to find a nice sensible man of my own age.  I never want to be one of those middle aged ladies that has a selection of toy boys on her arm!  

Then onto the club.  Naughty daughter had friends with her one of whom had a nicer car than me!  And drove us there.  I was in the front with a very beautiful Chanel bag on my lap!  Not mine hers!!  By then I was quite tired.  Then got rather drunk and made best friends with a woman that owns a fetish hotel!!!  Oops!!  One of my favourite work mates, Jim was miserable because he's homeless.  Yes you've guessed we have a new member of our family.  He's turning out to be very easy.  Tonight he's in Brighton having a romantic night with a Fuel Girl. My only tiny worry is that he does have the most dreadful reputation as a seducer and I'm worried he might jump on naughty daughter when she's drunk!!  Well on the way home from the party on Saturday she (with rather a lot of wine in her) declared that she was very good in bed.  Lordy how to make a Mother's ears bleed!

Well I'm signing off now as it's almost my bed time.

Love from lifeless lump of lard.


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