Thursday, 27 November 2008

And it goes on!

So I thought I'd seen the last of The Royal Marsden Hospital!  No!  Went for my final check and guess what a lump!  Obviously not cancer as nothing could survive what I went through but a bloody big lump anyway.  So I went back yesterday for a scan.  Lovely doctor hummed and then decided to remove it there and then!  

He gave me a local anaesthetic and then suck a HUGE syringe in to suck out loads of fluid that looked very like white wine.  As this was going on I suddenly thought; God my boob is going to shrink and I'm going to look seriously odd".   So I asked lovely doctor if this was really necessary and couldn't we just leave the white wine where it was.  Sadly it was as it can cause infection, so now I'm very wonky but healthy.

I've also been the butt of lots of wine jokes in the office today, such as don't let my boss know as he'll stop buying wine as start milking me!  Also that's where all the wine I dribble when drunk goes!!

No more visits to hospital for 6 months.

I've decided to stop this blog now as I'm well.  In a week I'll be closing it down.

So thanks for reading.



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